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How to Attain Perfect Bliss

How to Attain Perfect Bliss
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Swami Paramahamsa Omkarananda Saraswati:
How to Attain Perfect Bliss
Edited by Swamini Vidyaprakashananda
From the contents:
At every corner in the world, the environment, around each individual, God has placed a door through which we can enter the realm of perfect bliss.
Until you are in a position to contact some saintly personality, and be inspired by that one’s example, you could make progress with whatever equipment you have. When the time is ripe for higher guidance, God gives you the guidance, either through a Guru, you meet, or directly from within your own inner heart, so that you suddenly find yourself enveloped in perfect bliss,  and see clearly and spontaneously that everything that happens in your life, happens by the will of God and is carried forward by the wisdom of God.
366 pages, in englischer Sprache, gebunden (hardcover), erschienen 2019 bei Motilal Banarsidass, ISBN 978-81-208-4230-4, 17,— Eur(D), 19,— CHF

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