Sivananda, Swami

The Foundations of Spiritual Development

The Foundations of Spiritual Development
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Sivananda / Omkarananda: Editor

A title from the chapter: "Mind: Its Tendencies and Its Transcendence, 19th May -

The Two Axes of Self-Knowledge:

"Man cannot know himself save through meditation, through a deep dive into the calm chambers of the heart and a direct glance at the mirror of life within. To have a comprehensive understanding of what we are, we must impress on our mind the two facts, viz. the existence of the Eternal Reality and the radical unity of all manifestations from star to mineral form, from inanimate nature to organized life. Every human being is a manifestation of the Lord; and, therefore, it is possible for everyone to become one with the Infinite. Reflection on the above truths of essential existence generates faith and conviction. Direct vision of the Reality supplants all vain arguments. Realization of truth makes everything clear and self-explanatory."

Some more of the 366 titles or subjects within 34 chapters are such as:

"The Grass-Hopper- and the House-Fly-Habits of the Mind, The Genealogy of Miseries,The Metaphysical Origin of Human Evils, The Techniques of Self-Transcendence, The Cell Theory and the States of Mind, Twenty Techniques for Concentration, Samadhi and Certain Similar Mental States, Psychic Powers and Real Yoga, Self-Realisation this moment, The Solid World of the Sage, Intellect and the Nature of Intuition, The Art of Introspection, The Process of Self-Knowledge, Attunement with the Divine, Precursory Condition for God-Realization, When Cosmic Life Intervenes, In the Realm of the Real, The Transcendental Reaches of Blessedness, The Techniques of Spiritual Perfection, Summits Beyond Summits, Infinite Delight, The Dynamics of Devotion, Evidences of the Divine Presence, The Laws and Love of God, the Thought of the Divine, Continence and the Techniques of Sex-Sublimation, Science and the Perception of Yoga, Integral Yoga, Vedanta: Its Disciplines and Its Value, The Witness, The Perception of the One Self, Vedanta Technique of Self-Transcendence, The Religion of the Heart...

480 Seiten, Softcover

erschienen 2004

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