An Eminent Avatara Purusha

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Paramahamsa Sri Swami Omkarananda Sarawati. In englischer Sprache. Mit vielen farbigen und schwarz-weißen Fotos
Who Am I? - Before I was born, I was. After I die, I will be. A timeless Being came from, and into, timeless Eternity. Time was formed, and time is dissolved, and I remain what I have always been, a Being with depths to which there is no beginning, and heights to which there is no end.
Since the supreme Divinity as the Timeless Eternity and as the Time Eternity - Sadashiva Tripurasundari - is dwelling in my Heart, Life, Consciousness, and as there is no difference between That and Me and Me and That, I am dwelling in the Soul of all Gods and Goddesses, all Saints and Sages, all beings visible and invisible. And, yet I am what I am, the Transcendent Reality.

429 Seiten, 28 schwarz-weiße und 16 farbige Fotos, gebunden, erschienen 2004, bei Giri Trading Agency


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